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Success Stories

Names have been Hypered for safety of our Guests.

Story 1:

Mr G is a 57-year-old gentleman who has always lived in Slough.  He was married for over 30 years but unfortunately his relationship with his wife broke down and he had to leave the home they shared.  He spent some time sofa surfing but eventually ran out of places that he could stay, he ended up on the streets and very quickly lost his job and sank into depression.  He began using alcohol and his life very quickly went downhill.

Last July we found Mr G sleeping rough during an early morning outreach session and encouraged him to come to SHOC for a shower and a hot meal.  We began to form a relationship with him and he slowly began to open up about what had happened to him and how he had become homeless.  We met with Gurmeet and he received intensive coaching sessions where he expressed a real yearning for change.  We helped him to address his alcohol intake and referred him to Trinity for supported housing.

In November Mr G was given a room in a Trinity house.  We helped him to settle in and for a while jointly worked with him with his new Trinity Coach, he managed to get sober and was reunited with his adult children.

Mr G now visits our daycentre where he offers his services as a barber and some good advice and encouragement to those who are still drinking.


Story 2:

Mr C is a 72 year old gentleman who is originally from Ghana.  He came to England in 2011.  Mr C was found on the streets in a distressed state by another person who was receiving support from SHOC.  This person was very concerned and managed to encourage Mr C to come to SHOC assuring him he would be safe and be helped, he was very cold and frightened when he arrived at the daycentre and our Pastoral Coach spent the whole day with him offering reassurance and encouragement to share his story to enable us to help him.

It transpired that Mr C was a victim of modern slavery and had been tending gardens for 3 years, working all daylight hours for the sum of £25 per week.  He had managed to escape but had no support and nowhere to go to.

We immediately alerted the local authority safeguarding team whilst offering constant reassurance that Mr C would be safe and assisted out of the terrible situation he had been living in.

A decision was made by the Home Office that he was indeed a victim of modern slavery and our Pastoral Coach supported him through the whole process.

Mr C was assisted into accommodation where he was safe and could receive ongoing physical and mental health support.  He is now living in supported accommodation and is safe and secure in the knowledge our Pastoral Coach continues to be there for him on the end of a phone.  He has put of weight, is now on relevant medication and living a life much more suited to a gentleman aged 72.