The Family

The Family at SHOC might look small but, That doesn’t mean that we don’t work any less then any other family. If you like to know more about our family, Scroll down and have a look. You might be surprised on what you find out. 


Head of Day Care

Mandy McGuire – Head of Day Services

Worked for SHOC for over 20 years.

Loves: meeting people from all varieties of life

Hates: people still living on the streets in the UK in 21st century

Welfare Coach

Kat Newman – Welfare Coach

Worked for SHOC for 3 years

Loves: making a difference to peoples lives

Hates: leaving people at the end of the day to return to the streets

Health Coach

Lee Anderson – Health Coach

Worked for SHOC for 3.5 years

Loves: every day brings different challenges

Hates: people being released from prison back onto the streets.

Pastoral Coach

Robert Layman – Pastoral Coach

Worked for SHOC for over 20 years.

Loves: bringing change to peoples lives

Hates: not having enough time in the day

We also have a outreach coach Karolina – outreach coach

Worked for SHOC for 5 years

Loves: being part of the SHOC family

Hates: people not receiving help

Get in Touch.

It is very easy to get touch with Us.

You can either come to the day center, call us or use the contact form below to get in touch. 

Call Us: 01753 577747

Quaker Meeting House, 74 Ragstone Rd, Slough SL1 2PX